100% viscose fiber 1.2Dx38mm

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100% viscose fiber 1.2Dx38mm

High quality 1.2D*38MM rayon Viscose fiber for spinning non woven

wholesale rayon cellulose staple fiber white color 1.2D viscose fiber

     Viscose Rayon Staple Fiber is natural, renewable, environmentally cellulose fiber with strong vitality. 

     A wide range of uses include; spinning, weaving, garden machines and non-woven fabrics.Our 100% rayon viscose staple fiber is available in raw white semi-dull, bright white, flame retardant.

    Viscose staple fiber mainly used for spinning yarn in cotton spinning, knitting, wool spinning, etc, finally those material are used in producing variety shirts, suits, underwear, pajamas, knitwear, bedding, etc. In recent years, with improvement of technology and detrusion of differential functional VSF, viscose staple fiber applications continue to be expanded, and it is one of three main materials for producing non-woven. In medical textiles, health care supplies, cleaning filter material, packaging material and other textile sector industrial applications increase rapidly, VSF can be used in manufacturing various masks, gowns, sterile gauze, sanitary napkins, diapers, wet wipes, wipes, filter cloth, packing bags, etc.  

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